Skald bandSkald was formed in November 2005 by Henrik Kindvall and David Wiktorsson with a burning
desire to play folk metal. The band was initially very inspired by the (then) defunct folk metal
band Otyg which can be heard to some extent on the first two demos (2006).
Skald then started to experiment and to go deeper within that music style and the result was
the MCD "I En Svunnen Tid" (2008). After that, the band gradually ventured further away
from folk metal and incoporated keyboards and a darker, more sinister atmosphere. This can
be heard on the full-length album "Vitterland" (2011).
Since then, the new music that Skald has made is more of a mixture between folk- doom- and
black metal.

Skald remains a duo to this day and is more to be seen as a "project" rather than a real band.
They have never played any live concerts and does not plan to do so either.