• 2005Skald band

November - Skald is formed by Henrik and David.
December - Recording process for the first demo begins.

• 2006

January - February - Demo is recorded.
March - The demo "Sagor Från Skogstjärnen" is mixed and released online.
April - October - Recording process for the second demo begins and progresses.
November - Demo is arranged and mixed.
December - The second demo "Trolska Vemodsband" is released online. Work begins on new songs.

• 2007

January - A record contract for one MCD is signed with Swedish label Unexploded Records.
Recordings for the MCD begins in Studio Eclipse (Karlskrona, Sweden). Session members Mattias (drum-programming) and Victor (bass) are recruited.
March - Drum programmings, guitars, bass, vocals and mouth-harp are done. Violin recordings begins.
April - Violin recordings finished. Mixing begins.
May - Mixing and mastering for the MCD is completed.
August - Work on new songs begins.

• 2008

January - The MCD "I En Svunnen Tid" is released in 500 limited copies.
February - A new record deal, this time for two full-length albums is signed with Unexploded Records.
March - Session drummer Daniel Gadd is recruited.
April - December - Work continues on the new songs.

• 2009

January - November - Despite being quite lazy, Skald continues to work on the new songs.
December - 10 new songs are finally finished

• 2010

January - Skald announces the title of the first full-length will be "Vitterland".
March - New logo is presented. The band begins recording guitars and bass for the album.
May - Vocal recording session begins.
August - All guitars, bass and vocals are finished.

• 2011

January - Drum recording begins.
March - Mixing begins.
May - Mix is finished. The record is mastered at Necromorbus Studios by Tore Stjerna.
October - "Vitterland" is finally released.

• 2012

January - June - Skald is on hold due to work and illness.
July - August - The band begins working on new songs.