1. Månmarkavisan 03.05
2. Norra Stränder 02.54
3. En Allians med Hin Håle 04.14
4. Vitterland 03.53

Total playing time

Released as EP-demo
Available on MP3 only (free download)
Release date 2010-10-05

Henrik Kindvall - All vocals & lyrics
David Wiktorsson - All guitars, bass, drumprogrammings, effects & music

Music recorded and not-very-produced in Studio Geggah.
Vocals recorded and even-less-produced in StudioH.
Cover painting by Kim Johnsson. Layout by Henrik.

* "En Allians Med Hin Håle" is also available in a different version on the demo "Sagor Från Skogstjärnen".

"Fjällälven" is an EP that is completely free to download. It is the celebration of Skald's 5-year anniversary in October 2010. These 4 songs was originally intended for the full-length album "Vitterland", but did not make it for various reasons. They are pure demotracks in every sense, with a sound that does not resemble the actual sound of the full-length at all. The quality and volume levels differs inbetween the songs as well.
Please take this EP for what it is - a rough representation of how Skald sounds when doing demos.
Below here you can read about some of the reasoning and how we thought when we never put the songs on "Vitterland".
Thank you in advance.

1. Månmarkavisan
A quite doomy song that we felt was way too boring to be on the album, so we skipped it.
Not very much happens in the song and if would have probably ruined the flow of the album, had we let it live.

2. Norra Stränder
A soft, almost ballad-like song which was meant to be instrumental, but ended up getting some vocals anyway.
Didn't have the right vibe which fitted with the rest of the album.

3. En Allians Med Hin Håle (remake)
A remake of an old song which can be found in it's original on the first demo.
Although it became a 100 times better than the original, it didn't feel right for this album.
It was just too old and sounded dated.

4. Vitterland
This titletrack was one of the very last songs we wrote that was intended for the album.
In the end, we felt that it was overall too boring and there was also lots of trouble regarding the lyrics.
That is why there's only one verse, which is repeated for the second one.
Finally, David recorded "Hjälten" which sounded way better and fit the sinister mood of the album better.