Once Upon A Beginning...

Otyg was formed 1995 in Skellefteå in northern Sweden by three young friends. The line-up consisted of the following:
Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund - Vocals & guitars
Mattias Marklund - Guitars
Stefan Strömberg - Drums
The three guys came from the black/death-metal band Blackburning Evening, when they decided to celebrate the old Scandinavian folkmusic and folklore. With Vintersorg being the sole composer to the music, they discovered Daniel Fredriksson who not only could handle the bass, but was also skilled in keyed fiddle and lute. He studied at a musical highschool where he had met a girl called Cia Hedmark who could play the violin and also had a great voice. To complete the line-up they asked Vintersorg's friend Samuel Strömberg to contribute on mouth-harp and co-write the lyrics with Vintersorg. Thus, the first line-up of Otyg was created.
Together they quickly recorded and released their first demo "Bergtagen" (roughly translated to "being taken into the mountain by trolls") in 1995. The demo was only given to friends and not sent to any labels. Shortly after, in March 1996, they entered the studio again and recorded "I Trollskogens Drömmande Mörker" ("In the Dreaming Darkness of the Trollforest"). They now started to get noticed by some record companies, but no contract wast signed so they decided to record one last demo
which got the name "Galdersång Till Bergfadern" ("Galdersong to the
Father of the Mountain").

Journey Of The Fairies And Abode Of Storywinds

The Austrian label Napalm Records offered them the best contract, the band signed it
and Otyg was finally ready to release a full-length album. Thus the band re-recorded
three songs from their second demo, six from the third demo and recorded two new
songs called "Huldran" and "Draugen". So in 1998, the album "Älvefärd" ("Journey
of the Fairies") was released. It consisted of twelve songs of pure Scandinavian
folkmetal and lasted for over 42 minutes.
After the release of "Älvefärd", the band quickly concentrated on their next
full-length. But before going into the studio once again, the band got rid of Samuel
and Stefan for unknown reasons. Daniel had no problem picking up the mouth-harp
and a new drummer was recruited in Fredrik Nilsson.
The group's collective effort would this time result in the more rocking second
full-length "Sagovindars Boning" ("Abode of Storywinds") which not only had 11
new songs, but also a cover of Dio's classic anthem "Holy Diver".

The Devil And The End

After "Sagovindars Boning", the band went quiet for some time, but at last broke
the silence with the news that Vintersorg was planning to write a sort of concept
album, simply entitled "Djävulen" ("The Devil") and it would focus on how the Devil
was viewed from different angles during different eras of Scandinavian history. But
sadly, the Devil was nowhere to be found and in March 2002, Vintersorg and Mattias
announced the dreadful truth that they had lost all current enthusiasm for Otyg and
instead of recording a half-hearted album, they decided to put the band to sleep.
Vintersorg has stated that Otyg simply is on hold and that the band might eventually
do a new recording in the future if the time is right.

After The End

What's been going on since 2002 then?
First and foremost, the spirit of Otyg have been kept alive by a couple of enthusiastic
fans gathering and talking on the Official Vintersorg Forum. Fellow Dutch forum-
guy Zwendelaer have not only added three live-videos from Otyg's last concert ever
on his YouTube-page - he also provided the entire forum with audio from the same
concert. Together with the artwork of [sorry, I forgot your name man ;)], this
resulted in the Otyg bootleg "Live In Asten-Heusden" album. Not only is the album
a display of the musical wonders of Otyg, it also features the never-released track
"Gastkramad" ("Ghosthugged") which was intended to be on "Djävulen".
Also in 2008, Napalm Records released the two full-length's in a 2-CD package, which
sadly doesen't have any new artwork or photos. And this is were we are today...