Otyg Memorabilia - a place for me to brag

During the years, I've been in contact with both Andreas, Mattias, Daniel and Cia as well.
With Andreas Hedlund, I did an interview by e-mail (in 2003 or 2004) but the man decided to give me a call as well (quite drunk I must say) and we ended up talking for almost two hours. He decided to let me be the first person outside the studio to hear a demo version of "A Microscopical Macrocosm" from his then unreleased album "The Focusing Blur" which was really cool.

I don't really recall how I got in touch with Mattias Marklund, but he did send me a promo record of Vintersorgs "Ödemarkens Son", so thanks for that!

A long time ago, I ran a webzine called Myriad of Peep-Holes and I got the pleasure of doing an interview with Daniel Fredriksson, shortly after the breaking up of Otyg. I got some real good answers, which can be found in this OTYG INTERVIEW.

But the best gifts certainly did come from Cia Hedmark. I don't really remember how I
got in touch with her either, but she sent me a copy of hers and Mattias' band Casket
, then latest MCD "Coffin' Up Bones". But the reall goods we're of course the
handwritten lyrics, done by Andreas, for Otygs first demo "Bergtagen".
This is something that I always will cherish. Thanks again Cia!
Promo copy of "Ödemarkens Son"Lyrics to "Vid Skogstjärnen Står", handwritten by Vintersorg in 1995Lyrics to "Septembersång", handwritten by Vintersorg in 1995Lyrics to "Galdernatten", handwritten by Vintersorg in 1995